Frank Lloyd Wright

The Storer House, 1923

The famed Storer Residence by Frank Lloyd Wright : so much has been written & said, how to usefully add another word? Entered into Google Search, “Frank Lloyd Wright Storer Residence” returns approximately 25,900 entries! Architecture Week lists the Residence in its collection of the 1000 most important works of architecture in the world. Near the top of the search page is Martha Stewart’s folksy video of her tour of the residence with the master’s grandson Eric Wright, revealing the design queen of folksy yet elegant “hominess” to be a Modernism aficionado.

Among the most photographed, reproduced & well-known buildings in Los Angeles, here we have arguably the most painstakingly restored exemplar of Wright’s concrete textile-knit block system. Not to mention perhaps the best located of these landmarks (from the point of view of those in the entertainment industries), reticent & half hidden by foliage just a minute from a major crossroads for Hollywood proper and the city as a whole. The timeless gifts that the site & structure present elevate living in it to high art, and may only really be known by its occupants. Much has been said & debated, even criticized, but to experience it in person is to know the sense of wonder and delight that Wright’s best work still instills in us nearly a century later.